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What started as a recipe blog to maintain *some* sanity during the great pandemic of 2020, has now blossomed into my 'maybe one day' dream! I started out baking from a young age with my wee Granny and my passion flourished from there. I see every occasion as an excuse to bake whether it be a birthday, anniversary or even just a rainy Tuesday. Over the years I have gained knowledge and understanding of the big world of baking and built up an encyclopedia of recipes. I absolutely love experimenting with new flavours and coming up with my own creations and cannot express my excitement of sharing them with you all - whether that be sending you one in the post, welcoming you to the bakery or trying out one of my recipes for yourself at home!

As of September 2021 this one woman show expanded, opening the doors to my bakery on Leith Walk. I now have a small team of superheroes working alongside me and I supply my baked goods to countless cafes around Edinburgh.

I've fantisised about my wee bakery for so long I can't tell you how bloody excited I am to finally get stuck in!

Much love,

Rhiain - the Babyfaced Baker x


341 Leith Walk,

Edinburgh, EH6 8SD


Monday 9 - 4

Tuesday 8 - 4

Wednesday 8 - 4

Thursday 8 - 4

Friday 8 - 4

Saturday 9 - 4

Sunday 9 - 4



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